About Us

Partnering with you – understanding our clients’ needs


Our team specialises in working with private and family-owned businesses, mid-market corporates and individuals. Our advice is based on a deep understanding of the stages of business growth from start-up through to maturity and diversification.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs at a business, family and personal level before we determine the right course of action on any particular issue.

The diagram below demonstrates the holistic way in which we think about the owner, the family and the business. We understand that any decision made in how we grow, fund, structure and distribute profits of the business has a direct impact on the tax effectiveness and ultimate wealth of the family and owners. Conversely, decisions made about the private family structure, investments, asset protection and succession may impact the ability of the business to source the capital it needs to fund growth, acquire assets and minimize tax.

For Lombardi Partners to genuinely add value we need to develop a deep understanding of your personal and business goals and priorities.

Our approach uses a combination of methods to ensure we explore all aspects of your requirements, whether they are personal, family or business related.

Firstly, we work with you to complete a detailed questionnaire which will assist you to confirm what is important to you and the urgency or priority of each requirement. We complete a Business Health Check or diagnostic on your business to identify any issues to be addressed and with you, determine their priority. The benefit of completing a Business Health Check or diagnostic is that it is structured to ensure every aspect of your business is looked at closely and nothing is missed.

The outcome of our discussions and the Business Health Check is a plan that allows us to methodically deal with your issues in order of priority. Any advice given takes into consideration an understanding of your personal, family and business goals backed up by our experience and technical expertise.